The Meeting

Posted on Sun Feb 11th, 2024 @ 10:02pm by Commander Michael Murphy & Captain Jackson Adams & Lieutenant Steve Ryan & Lieutenant Kestra Ral & Lieutenant JG Aubrie Fox & Lieutenant Stuart Mann

Mission: Home Sweet home.
Location: Surface of Chaltok IV


(Just before the Team Left the Ship)

Captain Adams did not like this situation but someone had to remain on the ship to "keep any eye on things."

Just before they left Captain Adams came over the intercom in the transporter room:

"Commander Murphy, this might go without saying but, 'No unnecessary risks, Commander. If something does not smell right, get out. Do I make myself clear?"

"As clear as crystal, Captain," Murphy answered. Even as he did, though, the Admiral's comment "the mission is classified and your ship is expendable" ran through his mind again. Based on the instruction, it seemed clear that the Captain didn't agree that they were expendable.

Adams knew what the Admiral said about the ship's mission but, in his mind, the order he just gave meant, "No one dies on this mission, everyone comes home.

(On the Planet)

The landing party materialized on the surface of Chaltok IV. They appeared to be inside a cave. The space they were in was large, approximately 2500 square feet, with the ceiling twenty feet or so above them. There appeared to be artificial lighting drilled into the cave walls. There was an opening in one of the walls forming a tunnel large enough for humanoids to walk through, as though it were a hallway.

Commander Murphy immediately began assessing his surroundings.

Lt. Ryan materialized together with the landing party. He adjusted his eyes to the lighting of the new area and looked around.

Kestra frowned. "There is no one here to meet us?" She took her tricorder and scanned the area. She was picking up lifeforms but not in their area. Odd they knew the away team was coming.

"Odd, I am already not starting to like this...." Fox tightened her grip on her rifle.

Kestra smiled "could be worse. There could be weapons pointed at us or the air could be bad."

Aubrie looked at Kestra. "Weapons? Pointed at us? Bad Idea" She replied.

Kestra tried not to laugh "coming into Romulan space was a bad idea, being expendable is a bad idea and being invited into an enemy base is a bad idea." She gave a little shrug. "Just saying." She looked to Commander Murphy " What way do we go?"

"Let's follow the path," Murphy decided. "No sense in standing around waiting. Whoever called us here knew we were coming." He began moving towards the opening in the wall. There was room for them to comfortably walk through it in pairs.

Kestra nodded and as they walked she kept an eye on her tricorder. "I am picking up lifeforms but I have never seen them before. " That would make sense since they have never been in this part of space.

"Could you please provide more details about whether there is any similarity or dissimilarity between the items under consideration? Specifically, is there any commonality or difference among them in terms of their features or characteristics?" Aubrie Asked Kestra

Characteristics ? From a bio scan this far away? Kestra raised an eyebrow. " There are three distinct species in the area. I believe this one" She pointed to the tricorder "are Yridian if they are I have seen that race before. They have creased skin, a stoop posture, and claw-like hands. Think something kinda like a rat man. I believe theses reading are Romulan now that we are getting closer. " Kestra stopped walking as a voice entered her mind from the third race. "The other is Remans referred to by the Romulans as Havrannssu. They are a nocturnal race, and shun light. Characteristics would be their imposing heights, grey skin, large ears, amazing eyesight in the dark, oh and they possess telepathic abilities. No I am not getting all that from the tricorder he told me." Kestra pointed to a man that stepped out of the shadows and took a bow. Kestra swallowed hard.

Hearing such updates Steve decided to double-check with the ship to see if the comm system was still working and if the ship still had a lock on them in case an emergency transport would be needed. So far, so good.

Aubrie acknowledged Kestra's response and looked around, scanning the shadows for any signs of danger. Suddenly, a man emerged from the darkness, causing Fox to leap into action. With lightning speed, she positioned herself and another security officer between the mysterious man and the crew. Aubrie couldn't help but feel a sense of unease, her heart racing as she watched the tense standoff unfold. "Well," she thought to herself, "this just got interesting."

"Easy, Lieutenant Fox," Murphy cautioned. The man in front of them had shown no signs of hostility. Based on the description given by Kestra, the man was Reman. "Are you the one who summoned us here?" he asked of the stranger.

"I am. My name is S'Rinarix," he said. "You're here because we can help you against the Romulans."

Fox took a deep breath and cautiously lowered her guard, although her rifle remained steady in her grip. Her innate dislike of Remans persisted, but she understood that they might be able to provide crucial assistance in dealing with the Romulans. Despite this, she couldn't shake off the feeling of remorse for her initial hostility. However, she knew that it was imperative to remain vigilant and prepared for any eventuality. After all, he could be concealing a weapon, and they wouldn't have any indication of it.

Kestra took steady breaths, this being was a very strong telepath. Was he the one trying to make contact with her at night while she tried to sleep for the last week?
~I am sorry it was the easiest way to reach you. I meant you no harm.~ Kestra nodded but let Murphy do the talking.

"The United Federation of Planets appreciates any assistance you can provide," Murphy said, a little disappointed that they weren't going to be working with an underground Reman army.

"We will send maps of Romulan space, ship locations and movements, and any communications we can intercept," S'Rinarix said. "In exchange, we may request a favor or supplies when necessary."

Aubire's eyes were fixed on the Reman as she contemplated the trade before her. Yea, that seems like a really good trade...damn Remans. She couldn't help but feel a twinge of frustration at the thought of dealing with such shrewd negotiators, but she also knew that she had to keep her wits about her if she wanted to come out on top.

Steve listened carefully too, then closed in on Murphy and whispered to him. "Sir, we'd better ask some ship specification regarding their army too. It would help in case we'll need to confront any of their assets." he suggested, to let the senior officer do the talk, in case he considered it useful.

Murphy nodded and took the feedback into consideration.

Kestra could feel more Remans in the darkness just watching. It felt like they were being compared to Romulans. "Your friends can show themselves it's not like we don't know they are there." Kestra raised an eyebrow. Well, she knew they were all standing in the dark even if she couldn't see them.

S'Rinarix was unperturbed by any attitude from the crew of the Montana. As a Reman, he was used to it. "My companions will stay where they are for now."

"Supplies would be possible but favors would depend on what you wanted." Kestra told him because the favors he seemed to be thinking of wasn't going to happen.

S'Rinarix showed no reaction. "Anything you provide will depend on many variables. It may turn out you can do nothing extra in return, and we are also prepared for that outcome."

Murphy chimed in again, "How about any ship schematics, crew compliments, information about ground troops?"

"As much information as we can provide, you will have," S'Rinarix answered. He produced a PADD, and offered it towards the Montana crew. "This has the frequencies we will be sending information on. It also has some preliminary ship and troop positions, although that information may already be old."

Murphy accepted the PADD, and passed it to Lieutenant Fox. He figured she'd want to see the tactical data, and he knew she'd make sure Lieutenant Ryan got the frequencies. "Thank you, S'Rinarix," he hoped he'd pronounced his name correctly. S'Rinarix nodded respectfully in response.

(Meanwhile, back on the ship)

A ship started to approach where the Montana was in orbit. Adams was talking with the NE Communications officer, when Mann said, and said, "Captain we have something on long-range scans."

"What" replied Adams.

"Sir, I think it is a Romulan battlecruiser."

"Oh my God," came Adams's reply.

"Get us out of orbit and go to yellow alert."


Captain Jackson Adams,
Commanding Officer,
USS Montana

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