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I Killed Him

Posted on Wed Nov 1st, 2023 @ 7:55am by Lieutenant Steve Ryan & Lieutenant Commander Katja Becker

Mission: Home Sweet home.
Location: Sickbay

Deborah entered the sickbay in a hurry and visibly shaken with Lt. Ryan on her right shoulder. He was probably unconscious and visibly bleeding from the nose.

The ensign’s simple white t-shirt adhering her body and highlighting her forms was now stained with bloody red patches.

“Please, a medic” she cried for help as soon as the doors slid open and the view of the various biobeds and medical personnel presented her.

Katja had just walked out of her office, which was currently a disaster-in-progress, with a cup of black tea in her hand. It would quickly become a common sight - but her team had not had the chance yet to learn all of her idiosyncrasies.

"Ja? What's going on?" Katja called, shifting gears immediately as her tea was dropped on one of the benches as she marched toward the cry for help.

“Oh thank you, Doc” Deborah said laying Steve’s body on the closest biobed.

“We were having a boxing match and… well… I…. he was not….then I jabbed and…” she put both hands on her hair holding her head eyes locked on Steve.

She breathed deeply trying to give a better picture of the situation.

“I hit him straight on his face” she breathed again “I …I saw him black out and fall unconscious on the floor and…and he started bleeding a lot from his nose mostly” she stared blankly at the doctor speechless for a fraction of a second “Did…did I kill him?” she anxiously asked.

"No, you did not kill him." Katja replied easily. She shone a pen light into the man's eyes. "What is his name?"

“Steve. Lieutenant Steve Ryan, Chief Comm Officer of the ship” she answered.

"Hey Steve, open your eyes." Katja reached over and grabbed a medical tricorder and scanned his head.

"Moderate concussion, broken nasal bones, no intracranial bleeding noted." She looked over her shoulder to the officer, "Good hit...he'll make a full recovery. You'll have another chance to try to off him."

Deborah kept anxiously watching the doctor doing her job, partially relieved from her diagnosis.

“Thank you Doc, I’m ensign Deborah O’Donnel, engineering. I don’t think I’ve never seen you before”

She was thanking her and presenting herself when Steve came back to consciousness.

“Oh my, what’s going on?” he muttered trying to understand where he was and what was happening. He tried to raise from the laying position into a sitting position but a banging pain in his head made him re-think his initial idea and laid back once again.

"You are in sickbay, Lieutenant Ryan. Your associate Ms. O'Donnel attempted to kill you. Thank Gott you have a thick skull, yes?" Katja said with a satisfied smile. She reached for the osteogenic stimulator and began running it over his nose. The fractures were only minimally displaced so performing further manipulation of the area would only serve to lengthen Lt. Ryan's discomfort.

“Ugh” he muttered once again closing his eyes as the doctor performed her magic on him.
Deborah blushed and closed in to him holding his hand “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to..”

“I kinda think she was not being aggressive…yet!” the lieutenant offered “Next time you want to speak remind me of doing so through a comm-link” he joked towards the blonde engineer.
Deborah showed an asymmetric smile, still holding his hand.

"I would reconsider aiming for the head during training. You are fortunate, but the outcome could have been much more significant. Save such aggression to where it belongs."

“You’re right” she concurred with the doctor “where should I aim?” she joked.

"I cannot say. I'm sure if I were to tell you I would be breaking all kinds of doctor's laws." Katja said in rebuttal.

"Fair point" the blonde engineer nodded.

"And you!" Katja turned her attention back to Lieutenant Ryan. "I will be sending you out with some anti-inflammatories. You are on sick leave until re-eval tomorrow at 0800. If you experience any worsening headache, vision or speech changes, weakness or balance issues return to sick bay immediately."

Steve slowly stood up "Yes, Doc, I'll follow your orders and go straight to bed to rest as soon as I get out of here".


Lt. Katja Becker
Chief Medical Officer

Lt. Steve Ryan
Chief Communication Officer

Ens. Deborah O'Donnel


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