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Just another day

Posted on Wed Nov 1st, 2023 @ 6:23pm by Lieutenant Kestra Ral

Mission: Home Sweet home.
Location: USS Montana
Timeline: Present

[USS Montana, Science lab]

Kestra kept busy putting supplies away until she felt a warm hand caress her neck. Grinning, she turned around "Jack what are you doing here?" Happy to see him.

Quickly, she ran her hands up his chest to his neck. Her fingers slipped into the hair at the back of his neck.

"I came to ask you out to dinner tonight," Jack grinned down at her, wrapping his arms around her.

She pouted, " I can't. The captain asked us all to meet him after this shift. "

He gave her a nod in understanding. "What about a late dessert date?"

Laughing, Kestra nodded, "Oh, I think that can be arranged."

Lieutenant Wallace Wilson walked in and cleared his throat to let them know he was there.

Still laughing, she gave Jack a little push to back up he had her pinned against the console. "Wilson, this is Commander Jack Montgomery. Jack, this is Lieutenant Wallace Wilson. He is the Assistant Chief Science Officer. " Both men shook hands.

Jack stole a quick kiss from her before saying, "I'll see you tonight." Then left.

Wilson raised an eyebrow at Kestra, making her blush. "So you have someone in your life."
"Not exactly. He isn't a man to settle down. I know it, and things are just ......... casual between us. "

"So you're single?" He asked, making her laugh."Not exactly, I am Betazoid." she answered cryptically.

"OK, so what does that mean?" he asked her curiosity.

"Betazoid customs has me set to bond at a certain age to someone my parents and his parents agreed to. The problem is my intendant and I don't agree with this. Don't get me wrong, Oadid Brikax is a wonderful guy, and he thinks of me as I do him. As a sibling. We just haven't told our parents. " She chuckled." Oadid though, by not telling them, then they wouldn't set both of us up with someone else."

Slowly, Wilson nodded, " I think I understand, and until the bonding, you're free to date?"
Kestra nodded. "Of course. the bonding is a custom that is outdated and doesn't fit my life in Starfleet."

"That's confusing."Wilson told her
Kestra nodded. "Betazoids are."

Looking at the lab, she nodded. "I think it is all done. we should be set for the next mission."
Lt. Kestra Ral
USS Montana


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