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We Need to Talk

Posted on Wed Nov 1st, 2023 @ 7:31am by Lieutenant Steve Ryan

Mission: Home Sweet home.
Location: Deck 6 - USS Montana Gym
Timeline: After meeting the Admiral

“Running…I hate running” sweating on the tapis roulant of the gym Steve noted he started talking to his own.

“7 kilometers…” he shook his head checking the odometer in the gym machine “...why on earth did I decide for this punishment?” He kept running and panting heavily.

“Well, maybe because life onboard became dull and I…” he checked his belly “...well, I might have grown a kilo or two” he noticed the heart rate hitting a warning level and aimed his right hand towards the control panel of the tapis roulant to lower the speed.

“That’s enough” he finally declared, hitting the 8km mark and slowing his pace to a comfortable fast walk.

“Getting in shape for the beach?” Deb’s irritated voice came from behind him “Oh, no, we’re not going to the beach, I forgot” she remarked.

“Look. I don’t know why you think I am somehow involved in all this. I just got called to a staff meeting with the admiral and …” Steve came to a stop and turned towards the blonde ensign trying to explain his reasoning but came to an abrupt halt. Deborah was standing in front of him with a well fitting white t-shirt and a pair of boxing gloves on.

“Ready for a match?” she challenged him

“I…” he shook his head in disbelief “I just finished an 8km run, I need to rest” he argued

“Pfft” she shrugged and threw him a pair of boxing gloves “Get those on and don’t turn up excuses like you already did for our holidays” she took his hand and brought him to the center of an area where the crew could practice martial arts safely.

“Look, Deb, I …” but he didn’t have the time to say more that a right hand jab from the blondie was directed straight at his left eye if he didn’t have the reflexes to block it and jump on the side.

“You crazy?” he asked trying to square up and prepare for another attack

“Definitely not, at most you talk too much and don’t pay enough attention” she answered, punching him one more time.
With incredible footwork Steve evaded the second punch while still facing his opponent “I don’t want to hit you” he told her “And I think we need to talk, like normal people usually do”.

“We ARE talking” she jabbed “I wanted to go to the seaside with you” she jabbed again “to spend time with you, to have fun, to relax…”
If the first jabs were easy to evade, the subsequent were much more centered and rapid for the lieutenant to be safe. Steve initially got hit on the left shoulder while trying to jump on the side.

“I wanted the same…” he yelled in between of a dance to safety

“You… ruined… it… all…” she kept advancing and attacking relentlessly

“The Admiral…auch... just gave us new orders, I would …auch...have wanted to go on holiday with you instead” Steve explained to her while poorly defending himself.
Deborah raised her guard and her tone too

“I…” right hit
“Hate…” left hit
“You…” left hit again
“Because…” right hit
“I…” she missed
“love…” right hit
“YOU !” she yelled.

The poor lieutenant, repeatedly hit and astonished by her last words, let down his guard right in the moment in which Deborah unleashed her final hit. A full blown central jab, straight on Steve’s face.

The full force of the blonde engineer, unleashed on Steve’s nose, made him blackout and fall motionless on the floor, as blood started pouring copiously from the broken nose as well as other bruises and small cuts caused by her rage.

“Oh my..:” Deborah let out a yell seeing Steve collapsing to the floor in a blood stain. She got rid of the boxing gloves and knelt beside him checking his vital signs.

“Steve, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to..” she tried to gently shake him trying to wake him up in vain.

“i’m sorry, I’m sorry..” repeatedly kissing him on the forehead and trying to clean up some of the blood on his face using her t-shirt “I love you, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Believe me” she explained to the senseless Steve as she tried to raise him and carry him on her shoulder.

She tapped her comm-badge and cried for help.

“Ensign O’Donnel here, I need a med-evac to sickbay, for two. Now!” she cried.

“On it, Ensign” the voice of the transport officer on duty came through the communicator as the two dematerialized from the gym, headed for the entrance of the sickbay.


Lt. Steve Ryan
Chief Communication Officer - USS Montana

Ens. Deborah O’Donnel
Engineer - USS Montana


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