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A Meeting in Sickbay

Posted on Fri Nov 3rd, 2023 @ 3:39am by Captain Jackson Adams & Lieutenant Commander Katja Becker

Mission: Home Sweet home.
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Current


Katja strode into sickbay as if she owned the place, which was essentially correct. She knew the layout from the data given to her upon her transfer, so she knew how the place was laid out essentially. She also was given a manifest of all of those assigned to her department – so she had basic personnel files on each of her people. Which was basically trash in her opinion.

Katja needed to speak with them and see them in action. That was the best way to know their strengths and weaknesses, in her mind. She wasn’t looking forward to the meet-and-greets, but they were a necessary evil. Her team needed to meet her, too.

She was German. No nonsense. Direct. But loyal. She would go to the line for her people, but she demanded the same loyalty and excellence in return; nothing less would be acceptable.

She saw the glances of the personnel as she strode through the bay with a distance-eating stride. She walked fast, always. Distance equaled delay in her mind, and with her training time was always of the essence. Making it to her office, Katja was surprised at how cluttered it was…stacks of pads, strange collections of brick-a-brack remained on the shelves, along with, Mein Gott…books???

It looked like the last CMO left without cleaning out their office. A frustrated growl made its way past gritted teeth. This was not how she wanted to start her assignment!

Tossing her bag on her chair, Katja angrily undid her uniformed jacket ties and pulled her over jacket off, exposing the saffron-colored undershirt. Jacket off, Katja pushed up her sleeves and got to work, muttering German invectives under her breath.

She had just finished uttering a rather colorful insult “Arshgeige Einzeller!” (Single-celled ‘Butt’ Violin) when she felt rather than heard someone in her space. She whipped around and saw another officer and opened her mouth to spew forth her most appreciable disappointment on the state of things when she noticed the rank.


"Greetings, Doctor. Now, I was reading the message you sent me. What is this I hear about following some regulation Crap. I DO NOT need a yearly check-up. You might think I do, but I DO NOT. I am as fit as the day I took command."

The Captain stopped for a minute to give the doctor a moment to try and say something, and then he continued,

"Oh, and by the way, our last CMO left in somewhat of a hurry. so, well, that is we are...."

Katja desired nothing more than to cross her arms in consternation, but then she remembered this was THE CAPTAIN, and she didn't want to get kicked off the ship before it had even had a chance to get underway.

"Consider it an excuse for me to meet you then, Kapitan." Katja responded with a crisp German accent. She knew a number of languages, but they all were spoken with a German accent. It was a work in progress.

His answer somewhat satisfied the question she had over why her office hadn't been cleaned out, but now it raised new ones...look, she might be slightly nosy.

She motioned for him to take a seat. "I can get you scanned at the end - if you're as fit as you say, then you have nothing to worry about. Tea?"

Katja didn't wait for answer but walked over to the food synthesizer and called up some tea and pulled two mugs off the shelf that were left upside down to keep them dust free and brought it all over to a clean spot on the desk and played host...kinda.

"I have no sugar...or cream. So I hope you take it black." Katja poured a mug of tea for the captain and one for herself and handed him the mug of steaming Ceylon.

She took a seat behind her desk and blew on her mug of tea before taking a sip.

"Good recipe. I had heard that these things could be hit or miss." Katja said, referring to the synthesizer.

"Okay, Doctor, have it your way. What would you like to know?"

Katja chuckled. "It's my sickbay now. It's always my way, Kapitan." She moved a box off of her chair and took a seat across from him and took a sip of her tea. "Tell me what your medical records do not say. Why do this? What drives you to live this life? Consider it a professional curiosity."

Jackson smiled, to be honest, my medical history is about the same as it was yesterday, fit as a fiddle."

The continued, " What makes me tick is the feel of the ship moving while I lay in bed at night. But really, Starfleet is my life. I doubt that will ever change."

Adams thought for a minute and then replied, "Oh, yeah, and I am driven by my need to help people. To be there when they need us."

He smiled and said, "So, doctor, do you think I am fit for duty?"

Katja sighed. He must really want out this all over with. "I think You're as fit as you're going to get. I'll put it in your chart."

"Thank you, doctor. Now, tonight, there is going to be a little get together at the base bar. I suggest that you show up for a few minutes."

With that the Captain got up and left.


Captain Jackson Adams,
Commanding Officer

Lt. Katja Becker,


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