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Lunch date

Posted on Fri Nov 3rd, 2023 @ 1:48pm by Lieutenant Kestra Ral

Mission: Home Sweet home.
Location: USS Montana
Timeline: Present

[USS Montana, Science lab]

Slipping out of her uniform jacket, Kestra exchanged it for her lab coat. It was almost as long as her uniform skirt. She settled in a chair in the lab to start reading back reports.

Wallace came walking in and stopped dead. All he could see was long legs crossed at the ankles resting up on the desk.
It took a moment for Kes to realize he was there. Looking up from the report she was reading, she smiled. "Was there something you wanted? Wilson?"

He blinked, thinking she was going to be angered by his actions, but she just kept that pleasant smile on her face. "Sorry I," he tried to say.

Kes laughed, "Don't be. it's perfectly natural."

He grinned back at her, " Guess it is like a moral booster. "

"It's why women wear skirts to boost morale. How what did you plan on telling me?" Kes asked him

Wallace thought about it for a moment and then remembered "Lunch, we almost missed it. Will you join me?"

Lowering her legs to let her feet touch the floor, Kestra set up. " I never remember to eat lunch." She gave a little shrug."Sounds good to me."

[mess hall]

With a cup of coffee and soup, Kes took a seat across from Wilson. He grinned. "So I heard Betazoids were very open and honest."

Kes chuckled. "To a fault. Why, what are you going to ask me now?" She took a sip of her coffee watching him over her cup with dark eyes.

He said, "Back to the dating and bonding thing." she just laughed, then waved her hand in a bring it motion.

"What would happen if you found a guy you ready wanted to stay with and he with you."

Kes grinned, then in a teasing manner, she said, " I would stay. Why are you proposing?"

He laughed with her. "No, I mean with the whole Bonding thing."

"Then I would bond with my imzadi, and my poor Oadid would have to tell the truth that we never planned to bond."

"Why are your parents pushing this?" Wallace wanted to know.

Kes sighed, then lowered her voice not to be overheard and looked to both sides of the table before whispering. " It because they want grandbabies." When she laughed.

"Be serious," Wilson told her. She shugged. "It's the truth, and that reminds me I need to contact Oadid before we leave the Spacedock to let him know I'll be gone for a while."

"Do you love him?" Wilson asked.

"Of course, he is like my brother. I want him happy, and he wants me happy. We just know we are all wrong for one another. I was all for telling the family, but I am in Starfleet. I don't have to deal with them every day. Oadid does so, I let him decide."

"Now, if you are going to ask me about The Phase. That will have to wait for back in the lab, and no, that is many years off. It is also why it would be best to find my imzadi before that!" She chuckled, starting to eat. The man was fill of questions.

Lt. Kestra Ral
USS Montana


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