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Wait what?

Posted on Mon Feb 8th, 2021 @ 5:01am by Lieutenant Angelus De'luvia & Captain Emmalyn Marcus & Petty Officer 1st Class Samuel De'luvia

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Location: USS Montana

Angelus got over onto the ship, via the shuttle pod. Giving a glance around the docking port room. "Sure is smaller than the Lexington." Shaking his head and moving along with a duffle on the shoulder. Going ahead to head to the Bridge first. Check-in would be the best idea to do.

Samuel stepped off the shuttle pod in civilian clothes, particularly a Hawaii shirt and shorts he was tanned after he finished taking a bit of leave after getting off the Mississippi. He spent most of his time in Hawaii snorkeling, learning to surf, and of course, flirting with the ladies. He looked for the person in charge of Quarters. He shifted the heavy duffle from one shoulder to the other. Seeing a Lt, checking in a few other enlisted crew me. "Excuse me I'm trying to find my quarters."

The woman glanced up to Samuel a moment, then back down to the tablet. "Name please."

"De'luvia, Samuel. Lieutenant Junior Grade."

"De'luvia...Samuel, Ah. here you are." Scrolling back up, "That would be Deck 4, Section 14. Room 406."

"thank you." giving her his flirtiest grin. Heading out of the shuttle bay and for the lifts with a few other crewmembers all hauling duffs around. The ride was short as the other crewman got off on other decks. He was the only one that got off on Deck 4, wasn't long to find his quarters. Opening the door, to the single bed he grinned, "no more sharing of rooms." he dug out his best uniform and got most of the wrinkles minus one on the pants. Then went to shower.

Dressing in the uniform he headed back to the lift smiling at the female crewman as he passed them. "Hello, ladies." Getting in the lift and heading to the bridge. Exiting the lift he bumped a girl standing near the lift. "My apologies....Um.." trying to figure out the woman's rank.

"So this the one I need to keep an eye on" Marcus joked. Marcus had just gotten back from the library. Yet here was a crew member who was a flirt. Marcus had been known to have been a flirt herself.

"It's all good, It would appear that you are trying to figure my rank, yes?" Marcus asked.

Angelus had already gotten there, stowing his duffle to the side out of the way for the moment. Deciding to sit at his station for the moment since the Executive officer wasn't there yet. Just still looking over the Helm station. Wasn't what he was supposed to be assigned to, but okay, could have been a change.

He looked her over real quick trying to discrete which he definitely did not know for, noticing the Hazel eyes. "Damn those eyes look like they are trouble. Are you trouble Ms.?" he said with a cocky grin. He didn't care if she was above him at this point he was drawn in by the eyes and freckles. He was a sucker for freckles.

"I have been known to be. Anyway to answer your question I am Lieutenant commander Emmaylyn Marcus. USS Montana." She boasted.

Giving a glance behind him hearing Emmaylyn's name he stood up, turning to her. "I apologize, Commander, I did not see you when I came in," Angelus said.

"It's quite all right sir," Emmalyn said. "Say what ship are you on?" Emmalyn asked

"I was under the impression that it was Montana's Bridge, ma'am. Are you sure you are feeling alright?" Angelus asked.

"I'm fine Angelus. It was all an elaborate joke" Marcus claimed. Of course, she wasn't lying she knew the second officer. She knew where she was.

There was just this little look on Angelus' face for a moment, "Uh-huh...." then a grin. "A likely story.." Giving a motion to the console he was sitting at, "So I think there is something up with the department orders. Last I checked I wasn't supposed to be at Helm."

"It's Temporary, Angelus " Marcus reassured. "It will be fixed shortly " Emmalyn added as she inched to the door. "If you need anything don't hesitate to find me" Emmalyn concluded followed by her astute disappearance.

"Wait, what do you mean temporary and will be fixed, Marcus?" Angelus tilted his head.

"Exactly what it sounds like" lieutenant. I need to take care of a couple of things, tell then I have you at the helm." Emmalyn began to proclaim.

"Wait, Commander Marcus. I'm your new helm officer, Lieutenant JG Samuel De'Luvia," he said to her clearly confused he wish he had his orders in hand but they were in his quarters.

"Okay obviously something went wrong in the assignments," Emalyn said as she grabbed a Padd from the desk."Yeah, this isn't right. De'luvia you're supposed to be the second officer yes?"

"Navigation and Second Officer, yeah.." Once those words kicked in, Angelus looked to Samuel. "What did you just say your name was?"

"Well, Angelus it's a pleasure to meet you. Emmalyn said

"Lieutenant JG Samuel De'luvia, Helm officer. Sir." Giving Angelus a confused look.

"Okay, it has been fixed. All just a slight push of a wrong button. "Emmalyn claimed.

"Anyway, Angelus meet me in the ship's ready room. We have matters to discuss. " Emmalyn said walking to the door.

"Matters to discuss? We have matters to discuss right here. Like why the Lieutenant has my same last name." That was more directed at Samuel.

"Yes, Angelus it's just that," Emmalyn said. "Come I want to show you something "

Angelus sighed a moment and nodded, looking from Samuel to Emmalyn. Following.

Samuel just shrugged as Angelus looked at him. Stood waiting for the XO and 2 XO to return.

Emmalyn took Angelus into the what would be Ready Room. As soon as the captain became available.

"I want you to see this Angelus" Emmalyn said holding a box. Inside is a photo that is a mystery to me.

"It's me I-I think you and Samuel are also there.
Right next to me. I look about 5 or 6 here. I can't seem to remember meeting you though. Nor taking this picture. " Emmalyn said handing a relic like a photo to Angelus.

Angelus took the photo. "I've never seen this picture, or either of you, before. I've had some shit happen in my life but I would think I'd remember this."

Sam took this time to wander around the bridge looking at the different stations. Checking out the science station, Communications, and Navigation. He grinned as he put his hand on the back of the Helm seat. "Can't wait to fly you baby." he grinned.

"That's what I'm thinking as well. I mean I don't remember it either" Emmalyn added. "I'm starting to research it do you want in angelus? "Emmalyn asked

"Why wouldn't I, Emmalyn, but we also shouldn't just keep this from him. Particularly if it's all true." Sticks his head out of the Ready Room, "Would you join us please, Mister..........De'luvia."

"As far as I'm concerned. Were the only people who do need to know. Besides the captain." Emmalyn began. Followed by a state of thought. "I don't want rumors going around. What's said here is confidential" Emmalyn concluded. "That's an order'

Samuel nods and enters the ready room looking around. "yes Ma'am?"

Angelus gave a glance once Samuel was in there. Eying him closely. "Care to show him that picture?" Looking to Emmalyn.

"Of course Angelus. " Emmalyn boasted. "Take a look, Samuel. "Emmalyn said as she stretched her arm forward. Picture in hand.

Sam raised an eyebrow as he took the picture out of her hand. He looked it over, "Wait..What the hell?" Looking at the pair then back to the photo. "I don't remember ever meeting either of you until today." he was confused as hell.

"Yeah...exactly..." Angelus sighed.

"We all our Sam and untill we get it sorted out. No one is to know of it. Thats a order lieutenant. " Emmalyn barked.

"yes ma'am." Sam said quickly still looking at the photo. Angelus looking about 10-11 and both he and Emmalyn looked maybe 5-6. "any idea where this could have been taken might give us a clue?"

"Yeah..even if its fake. Texas, on Earth." Angelus said.

"Well anyways back to work" Emmalyn said.


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