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"A New Posting"

Posted on Tue Feb 16th, 2021 @ 6:37am by Lieutenant T'Ponga Shemara

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Location: Utopia Planitia Mars
Timeline: 00


"Augusfratt!" she hollered. "This bleeding thing doesn't belong here, it goes there!" she spat, as she slammed the crystal in the chamber, sending tiny pieces of it flying in all directions. The poor Vulcan engineer just stood there looking at T'Ponga in shock.

Where is the logic that these vulcan's usually had for engineering? Because for today, they sure weren't using it she surmised. Now don't get her wrong…sure she had all the logic a Vulcan would have and use, but she was not the perfect Vulcan either. She was part Human as well, and that's where the logic sorta ended.

"Well don't just stand there, logically speaking you should have tried to turn the crystal around a few times so it would fit the cradle correctly. Instead you stood there just looking at it, and what did that accomplish? Absolutely nothing!", T'Ponga said. Shaking her head, she waved the engineer off and sent back to her quarters to finish the trip to Mars.

[ 24 hours Later]

T'Ponga walked into the shuttle bay and up into the shuttle. Turning around she swiftly kicked the pilot off, "I'll drive thankyou!". The pilot looked at her, wrinkled his face and stormed off. She laughed and that is something that Vulcan's don't do, but she does.
Once she cleared the Vulcan ship, she took off for Mars as fast as she could get the shuttle to go. It was a two hour ride to Mars and once she landed, she headed for her temporary quarters and a shower and clean clothes.

It was good to finally take a nice hot shower and not have to rush through it because of some briefing or rush order in engineering. No now she was going to relax until it was time to head for the Montana.

However in the meantime, T'Pong took a stroll through the corridors getting a feel for Federation technology again. It was wonderful to see the many different hulls being worked on and how fast they were being worked on. Her curiosity was so intense that she almost got herself in trouble with the base engineers. But as luck would have it, once she told them who she was, one of the senior engineers recognized her and went to greet her. "Live Long and Prosper" Chief Engineer Vargo said, holding his hand up in the Vulcan hand salute. "Peace and Long Life", she replied, returning the salute. "How is it that you are here?", Vargo asked. "I am the Assistant CEO of the Montana," T'Ponga answered. "Ah…..good ship she is. Sturdy and new as they come," Vargo said flatly, typical of a Vulcan. Looking at the group that had now gathered around her made her slightly uncomfortable. "Well, it is indeed a pleasure to meet you all, but, I do have to be moving along," she said and turned and walked away quickly, thankful she got away without any more questions.

Quickly she headed for the mess hall for a plate of food and solitude for now. Then back to her quarters for meditation time because being in a new environment unsettled her.

Lt. T'Ponga Jareel Shemara
USS Montana


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