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Little Package Big Heart

Posted on Sun Jan 10th, 2021 @ 5:04pm by Lieutenant Victoria Mason

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Location: USS Montana

Victoria Mason
Advanced Tactical Training Center

High Value Target Retrieval Course

Vicky rounded the corner and assumed her best tactical posture. As she raised the rifle to her shoulder she scanned the area for possible enemy targets. As she did she noted several good cover and concealment locations she could occupy en-route to her objective.

The mission parameters were clear. Suit up for a one man rescue mission. Get beamed in from a shuttle. Orient map. locate target area. Engage hostiles as necessary and advance to the target area. All the while reserving enough power to take the objective and effect a rescue and call for the shuttle to get them out. So far so good. But this wasn’t going to be easy. Nor was it designed to.

Most Star Fleet missions of this nature consisted of a full team with back up. The idea of this training was, if you could pull it off alone. Working with a full team would be a walk in the park. And if the worst did happen and you ended up on your own. You had this training to fall back on. Most people failed and got killed way before making the objective. Vicky wasn’t a quitter. And right now she was doing better than more than half the people who had taken the course. She had heart!

As she stepped out from behind cover she began taking fire. She went to the ground, and rolled as not to pop up where she went down. She low crawled quickly to a defensive position and returned fire. And then she was again on the move. It went on like this for the next ten minutes. She was secretly counting herself lucky. She just knew any minute now she would by the farm. But that shot never came.

Instead she received an update on her target package on her Tricorder. As she read the info she cleared her head, looked at her map and found the road she was looking for. The message had stated that Intel from an embedded source relayed that the target was being moved due to a hostile in the area. She could only guess that meant her.

This would call for an ambush and she had little time to set up. She headed for the dense foliage that stood between her and the road which her target had to travel in order to leave the area. As she made her way through. She found a spot on her present side of the road. She set up her early warning device and kept her head down. It was best they not know she was there until it was too late.

Her plan was simple. Who ever was transporting the target would be trying to keep his or her head down in the transport. So she wasn’t going to get them out. She was going to get in an expedite her exit from the area.

Head down and covered. She relied on her equipment. She ate quickly and hydrated. Did a weapons check and was ready. Her device told her there was something coming down the road. It was time. As she secured the few items she had. She got ready. The first shot would need to be dead on or this would not work.

As the vehicle came into view. She could see it had a turret gunner. First shot was to take him out. And she did. Second she would need to mount the vehicle. Slip inside past her dead gunner and take out with a stun grenade those inside. This grenade would not kill the HVT just stun him. She could have him ready to go in no time. So far so good. As the turret gunner slumped forward in the turret.

She identified the blind spot of the vehicle. She knew she would only get one shot. As she took off at a full gallop. She jumped and landed on the roof of the transport. She slipped the grenade loose and forced it past the dead gunner. The told her she had been successful. Pulling the gunner from the turret, she lowered herself head first and shot the driver and one extra guard just to make sure. Then she lowered herself completely and checked on her VIP.

Once she was satisfied, she removed the driver and took over. One hundred yards down the road. The operational all clear was given and the operation was declared a success.

The instructor approached her and handed her a PADD. It was new orders.

“Congratulations somebody is getting one kick ass operative. And if you’re ever not happy out there in space. Make your way back here. I’ll have a job for ya Mason!” Replied the Chief Instructor

“Awww isn’t that sweet.” She exclaimed sarcastically “Hey, I might just take you up on that.” She said as she looked down at the PADD.

Attention to orders. You are hereby ordered to report for duty on the USS Montana. You’ve been promoted to the rank of LT and put in charge of Security. Good luck and smooth sailing. Signed the adjutant.

“Hey I’d love to stand around and jaw-jack all day but I got to go find my new shipmates. “ she laughed turned and was gone.

A Week later: Mars Ship Yard

Masons shuttle had landed in the shuttle bay. As she exited the shuttle, she tugged on her tunic and approached the security guard at the entrance to the Montana.

“Ensign, whose the commander of the relief?” She asked

“Whose asking?” He replied

She rolled her eyes and wrinkled her brow a bit at him. Fair question, she thought to herself. “Lieutenant Victoria Mason.”

The Ensign almost had a bowl movement.

“Sorry Lt. I didn’t see you.” He said sheepishly, as he was looking at a PADD and not at who he was talking to.

“Effective security is professional Aware and courteous! I won’t remind you again. Remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression Ensign.” Replied Mason

“Aye Lt.” As he checked her orders and Welcomed her aboard!

She accepted the PADD from him and crossed the threshold into the corridor. She stepped over to the wall panel to check her location, maybe she should have studied the Miranda Class deck plans more thoroughly, but the ship wasn't quite ready to launch and it looked like she might have some time to get to that before it did. First stop would be the Quarter Masters Office to get her quarters assigned, and then she would find her Commanding Officer to introduce herself. She stopped and took a deep breath. This is what home smelt like now.

Lt. Victoria Mason
Chief of Security
USS Montana


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