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Some Day

Posted on Sun Jan 10th, 2021 @ 6:30am by Lieutenant JG Travis Ryson
Edited on on Sun Jan 10th, 2021 @ 10:11am

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Location: Apartment, Utopia Planitia
Timeline: Current

[Travis Ryson's Apartment, Earth]

Lieutenant Travis Ryson woke up to a rapid fire beeping noise coming from his alarm clock. He struck it, and got up and out of bed an yawned. He decided that his next course of action was to stroll over to his replicator, to grab some coffee.

"Coffee, with cream please", Ryson asked.

Seconds later, a cup of coffee appeared and Travis took it to his desk, where he was going over his next assignment, which required him to be at Utopia Planitia in a few hours. Even though his previous assignment ended a week prior, he had taken up the opportunity to stay in his apartment he has on Earth, even though he barely uses it due to being in space a lot. However, it was good to have a little shore leave, even if it was just a week. However, he needed to be on a shuttle to Mars in two hours, so with that, he packed his duffel bag, and got ready for his next assignment, which was the newly commissioned USS Montana, a Miranda Class. Which, to some, was a "demotion" from his previous assignment, the Chief Science Officer, aboard the USS Houston, a Constitution class, but in his eyes, he needed a break from deep space missions, and while Travis would still be in space, he would have more time closer to home.

[Main Bar, Earth Spacedock]

Travis sat at the bar, looking out the window at some of the ships that were under construction in orbit around Mars. He noticed one ship in particular that was being constructed, which was an Excelsior Class. Ryson knew that one day, he'd command one. He looked out another window, to see a Miranda Class that was almost finished, and figured that he should probably get to the next available shuttle soon, so he could board the Montana.


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