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Strange Awakening

Posted on Sun Jan 10th, 2021 @ 5:24pm by Captain Emmalyn Marcus

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Location: USS Montana
Timeline: Current

Things had been hectic for Commander Marcus. She hadn't even time to say her to say her farewells to her last crew before her promotion to Lieutenant Commander and XO on a new ship with new crew.

Thing was she was nervous. However, she knew how to suppress nervousness like an emotionless Vulcan. "What I don't know my good looks will make up for." She joked with herself.
Marcus had only been to Mars once. Years ago, at that. Things had changed. To be honest, Marcus wasn't entirely sure what ship she belonged to. At the moment though it didn't matter. She decided to take the "free" time. To review her position and Starfleet protocol in a nearby library.

The library had pictures of past crewmembers of Starfleet. She ran across Captain Robert April. Legendary Captain of the USS Enterprise before Captain Christopher Pike and his more legendary First Officer, Mr. Spock.

What Marcus wanted more than anything was to prove herself. To belong to something.

Only now she was having second thoughts. Was this XO assignment…right?

Perhaps she would soon find out…


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