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To Vulcan We Go, For Better or For Worse

Posted on Tue Nov 1st, 2022 @ 2:03am by Captain Jackson Adams & Lieutenant Stuart Mann & Commander Michael Murphy & Lieutenant Amelia Jefferson & Lieutenant Peter Ramsey

Mission: The World We Never Knew
Location: Vulcan, Resistance Headquarters


The hum of the transporters deposited Captain McDaniel, Captain Adams, Commander Murphy, Lieutenant Mann, Lieutenant Jefferson, and a few other crew onto planet Vulcan.

Commander Murphy took in his surroundings. They were at the base of stairs leading to a very important-looking building. He also noticed that he could see Mount Seleya from where they were.

Captain Adams pulled the communicator out of his uniform jacket pocket (think Star Trek II) and started speaking,

"Adams to Montana; the landing party has arrived safely and there does not appear to be any danger. Stand down from security alert and await further orders."

"Aye, sir, waiting for further instructions," came the response.

Looking over at McDaniel, Adams said, "It is your show."

The landing party walked into the building and saw several statues; one was of Commander Spock. Below the statue was written:

'He gave all for us, and all of himself for the Federation." It was clear that, in this timeline, Spock was deceased.

Eventually, the landing party entered a big room. There was a long table. On one side sat members of Starfleet, with the man in the middle, having grey hair and holding the rank of Admiral. However, while their uniforms appeared to be the same as those of the Montana crew, there were subtle changes. For instance, the left side, where the rank would be held, had a long red stripe. Yes, wherever the Montana Crew found themselves, it was not in the prime timeline.

The other chairs had representatives from all over the federation and, of course, two Vulcans. One was in the service, and the other was not. There was an odd silence for a minute or two, and then it was broken by the Admiral,

"Captain Adams. Please, you and your landing party have a seat."

Just before sitting down, Adams whispered to Murphy,

"Commander, I think we can send the security officers back to the ship. While I appreciate the diligence, I think we are among friends, and if not, two more extra bodies will not matter."

Murphy nodded, then turned to the two young security crewmen and silently signaled to them that they were dismissed. They silently acknowledged and discretely went back outside.

After that, Adams (and the landing party) all took a seat.

The Admiral at the middle of the table said, "Captain, let me be frank. You are supposed to be dead and you were a Commander, not a Captain. Thus, we must consider you from another time or even world. How do you explain your presence here?"

Adams thought for a minute and then responded,

"Sir, we do not know, but the fact is we are here. In this place or time, whatever this is, we are needed. Let us help you."

Looking over at Commander Murphy, the Admiral said,

"Commander, do you agree with your Captain? And, Commander, I want a frank answer...."

Murphy glanced at Adams briefly before turning back to the Admiral. He wasn't sure if he had to answer to an Admiral from another place. This probably wasn't exactly the same Starfleet as where they were from. But the Captain was cooperating, and Murphy certainly didn't want to make waves right now.

"I do agree with Captain Adams," Murphy said.

Amelia kept quiet this entire time and observed everything, the science of her was being questionable. While she'd like to scan and take notes, she knew it was not good to do so. She watched the others as observant as can be, keeping in mind that interference was never a good thing.

The Admiral leaned over and said, "Captain, it could do us a lot more advantage if you returned to your own time or universe. From what I have been told, in your time, Captain Kirk and his crew were able to negotiate with the Klingons, and peace was established. Here, the war is not going well for us, far worse than is generally known. If you returned, maybe, just maybe, it would correct this mess. However, even if it does not, you and your crew do not belong here.

The issue is that none of us at this table knows where you came from nor how to get you back there. So, until we do, you work for me. For now, return to your ship and keep out of sight. The more people know about Montana, the worse this could get. an order."

Captain Adams
Captain, USS Montana

Commander Murphy
Executive Officer, USS Montana

Lieutenant Amelia Jefferson
Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Stuart Mann
Navigation Officer, USS Montana


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