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13 days

Posted on Thu Jan 14th, 2021 @ 11:47am by Captain RS Harrison
Edited on on Thu Jan 14th, 2021 @ 11:53am

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Location: USS Republic
Timeline: Current

First officer but recently promoted Captain Harrison, entered the briefing room in a bit of a rush to see Captain James studying a monitor.

“I hope you got to finish your rounds,” James offered.
“Probably not if I stayed five more years, sir,” Harrison managed.
James changed his tone and the subject, “Have you reviewed your orders?”

“Yes, sir. I see we rendezvous with the Montana in 13 days. She leaves drydock in 2 days. And I noticed Admiral C’Raal…”

James smiled. “Yes. I guess you may see some action.”

“Well, my Chief Medical is tied up so hopefully nothing serious.”

“C’Raal plays the cards he’s dealt.”

“And my Engineer is quarantined on New Providence. Some exotic plague,” Harrison shook his head.

“C’Raal won’t let you get in trouble without a Chief Surgeon and a Chief Engineer.”

“Unfortunately, Admiral C’Raal mainly deals with trouble that comes to him.”

“Well, the ship is new…” James paused waiting for Harrison’s reply.

“It is.”

“I trust you’ll let me know what all that power is for once it’s declassified,” James thought he’d prod his XO to take some pride in the mysterious specs of his ship.

The Montana was overpowered. There was something going on, but that was not unusual with a brand-new ship. What better place to field test new developments than in an otherwise, well-tested, state-of-the-art environment?”

“Yes sir. But I also noticed I have an Intelligence Operative in Security.” Harrison suddenly went into deep thought. “As well.”

“And a Chameloid in Communications.”

They both started to wonder if they were suddenly onto something.

“And a Caitian Assistant Chief.”

“You, Captain, may be in for a shock.” Captain James suddenly worried what his XO was about to get into.

Harrison looked worried.

“Well, I didn’t think we’d get so dark, but I did want to be sure you were reviewing the material. The main reason I called you in was I was informed that we were being pulled away for an emergency but now it appears, this is classified, that Captain Sulu is moving in and we are back to our rendezvous with the Montana.”

Harrison looked surprised.

“So I dragged you in here for nothing. It must be important because this order just came in. Anyway, on to tomorrow. Nothing we can do about the day after.”

“Copy that, sir.”

James smiled. “I’m glad you’ll have time to make your rounds. I’m handing off many of your duties to shake up the others. We’re picking up your replacement at Earth.”

“Falconheart,” Harrison replied.

James nodded. “I’m going out in style.”

Commander Jessica Falconheart was an exceptional Officer.

After a very unusual tour involving a rare combat encounter, she was assigned to Starfleet Academy for 1 term and now Captain James was getting her as his new XO, Falconheart's first assignment as Executive Officer.

She would be in a good position for her first command if this wasn't her first posting at Exec.

Captain James would be an excellent mentor to her, much as he had been to Harrison himself. James was likely more instrumental in Harrison's own promotion than he let on.

“It took a lot of work to get a First Officer to fill your shoes.” Harrison nearly blushed. “I wasn’t looking forward to a downgrade at Helm.” They laughed.

Harrison had been a distinguished combat veteran himself and had, a few times, manned the helm of the Republic for different reasons.

The Comm whistled before Captain James was summoned to the Bridge by Commander Donaldson.

“Carry on, Number one” Captain James remarked as he squeezed Harrison’s shoulder with a handshake on his way out to the Bridge. “Dinner at 1800.”

Harrison relaxed with a smile. In thirteen days, he’d be directly responsible for his own crew of two hundred and fifty. And in physically tighter quarters. He wanted to visit every nook and cranny of the Republic one last time. And sit with each of his friends. No one was coming with him to the Montana. It was going to be a brand-new day.


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