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Lieutenant Owen Meezo

Name Owen Meezo

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 1.85 m
Weight 92 kg
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Although Owen has the bearing and build of any respectable, fit Starfleet officer, it all seems a little hastily put together, as though he hasn't grown back into his own skin. Hints of age are only just beginning to show around the edges, whether from time or from stress; his bearing is generally friendly, if a little reserved. He stands at a relatively average height of just over six foot and has dirty blonde coloured hair and blue eyes.


Spouse None at present
Children None at present
Father Miguel Meezo, 61 - Captain (Retired)
Mother Adrianna Meezo, 58 - Captain, Starfleet Security, Starfleet Command
Brother(s) Richard Meezo - Lieutenant, USS Calypso, Chief Science Officer.
Sister(s) None
Other Family None to note

Personality & Traits

General Overview Owen has never been a loner in life. He’s always had friends, and very rarely encountered any friction with anyone.
He’s a dedicated officer that believes in the ideals and principles of Starfleet and the Federation.
Strengths & Weaknesses Owen is a brilliant physician, something that came to him naturally from a very young age. He is incredibly well educated in almost every known Human, Andorian, and Vulcan medicine. Part of Owen’s weakness however, is not knowing when to stop. Pushing for something he truly believes in and has strong conviction towards. This has landed him in trouble with his superiors on occasion.

Owen has developed a good demeanor for speaking to others, and has a natural talent for personnel management, coordination, and command.
Ambitions His main ambition in life was to meld his two passions together: medicine and serving Starfleet. However, in the long-term he can see himself in a position of command eventually, possibly assigned to a medical research ship.
Hobbies & Interests Owen is fascinated with medical history, stretching back to the 16th century. In particular, he enjoys studying 20th century medical breakthroughs. When off duty, he can usually be found in his office in sickbay, or in his quarters, reading old books and manuals from around those time periods.

Personal History Born in 2252, Owen Meezo did not have a conventionally normal childhood. Born into a family of Starfleet Officers. As the younger of two brothers, Owen grew up onboard Starships and Starbases.

It wasn’t until his mother gained a posting at Starfleet Command that the family settled down into a relatively normal life. Owen was 16 years old when this happened, and initially found it hard to adjust to the variety of open spaces that Earth offered over Starfleet vessels.

Owen initially showed no interest in joining Starfleet. He had seen first-hand how disruptive the constant moving around could be for families. Instead, he had decided from a young age that he would like to become a medical doctor like his maternal grandfather. Having gained sufficient grades at high school, Owen was able to apply to Harvard Medical School to study medicine. The course ran for five years, and would ensure that Owen would not only have knowledge of Federation medicine, but also other Alpha and Beta quadrant species.

Following his graduation from medical school (and with heavy encouragement from his parents), Owen applied to Starfleet Academy just after his twenty-third birthday. His study of other species and medicines had given him a thirst to explore these places, and be part of ‘frontier medicine’.

Owen’s first posting following his graduation from the Academy was onboard the USS Bishop. Initially Owen found it hard to find his confidence, something that surprised him. He had never been short of confidence growing up, but found it daunting not having the safety net of being a cadet anymore. However, with a bit of encouragement from his superiors, Owen started developing into a fine and dedicated young medical officer.

After three years onboard Bishop, Owen was offered a promotion and a transfer to the USS Cushing. Initially hesitant to leave the ship and the officers that had supported and nurtured him as a junior officer, Owen turned down the offer. After strong words of encouragement from Bishop’s commanding officer, Owen reconsidered the offer and transferred to Cushing.

Owen very quickly felt at home onboard Cushing, and made some friends amongst his colleagues. He even engaged in a brief romance with Ensign Susanne Eckhart. Despite the romance gradually fizzling out due to their workloads, Owen and Susanne remained very close during his time on Cushing. When Susanne was offered an opportunity to take up a senior officer position at Deep Space K-5, they both vowed to keep in touch as friends.

Three years later, and having gained yet another promotion due to his exemplary work onboard Cushing, Owen found himself inundated with offers of various postings on several starships and starbases. It would be a tough decision to make, but one that he would welcome with great excitement. Owen decided that the USS Montana would give him the best career development opportunity.
Service Record 2270 - 2275: Harvard Medical School
Doctorate of Medicine

2275 - 2279: Starfleet Academy

Starfleet Academy, Year One

• Early Starfleet History
• Basic Interspecies Medicine
• Temporal Mechanics

Starfleet Academy, Year Two

• Surgical Techniques under pressure
• Medicines from other worlds and cultures
• Advanced Subspace Geometry

Starfleet Academy, Year Three

• Advanced Interspecies Medicine 1
• Theoretical Warp Design
• Fractal Calculus

Starfleet Academy, Year Four

• Advanced Interspecies Medicine 2
• Interspecies Protocol
• Probability Mechanics

2279 - 2282: USS Bishop
Medical Officer

2282 - 2285: USS Cushing
Senior Medical Officer

2285 - Present: USS Montana
Assistant Chief Medical Officer