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Longest Drive Ever

Posted on Sun May 2nd, 2021 @ 9:19pm by Lieutenant Commander Robert Crichton, Jr. & Lieutenant Commander Mara Naago

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Location: Shuttle Bay

=Shuttle Bay=

All though the shuttle bay was quite, not much commotion was about. Sure, you had a few Shuttle Captains about servicing shuttles but not much else.

However, a makeshift driving range was set up before the hanger bay 2. The force fields in place and glowing blue as usual. A bag of Callaway golf clubs sat between them. Lt. Michael's and LCDR. Crichton were hitting golf balls at the force field. One after the other as they smoked Cuban stogies.

"Ah, nothing like good Havana, eh?" Crichton nodded as he hit a ball that somehow made it past the field.

"Hey that's gotta be the longest drive ever!" Michael's exclaimed.

Crichton smiled, " Indeed."

As the young Lieutenant was about to hit another ball a shout was heard in the background that made him lose concentration and the ball bounced off the bulkhead off to starboard corner.

"What the hell are you too doing?"

Crichton laughed "that's a good one Gee."

The two looked back to see the ships doctor Mara Naago strolling up. "Whats wrong with you two?"

As Gee stroked his beard, "Well we did get the Hanger Bosses"

"The two of you I swear," as she looked in amusement.
As she continued, "I reviewed the prisoners medical records. So, far he checks out. He's ready to transfer to over."

Crichton looked puzzled, "you came all this way to say that?"

"Of course, I had to see this for myself." As she smiled and started to walk away.


LCDR Robert Crichton


LCDR Mara Naago
Medical Officer


Lt. Greg Michaels
MWR Officer


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