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Back on Track.

Posted on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 @ 1:40am by Lieutenant Stuart Mann & Captain Emmalyn Marcus & Lieutenant Commander T'Ponga Shemara
Edited on on Fri Apr 16th, 2021 @ 3:18am

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Location: Montana
Timeline: Current

Marcus had finally gotten the ship. Everything was on route to pick up Miri on Starbase 23. Harrison was supposed to arrive alongside the admiral.

That was until she got a call.

It was from an Admiral but not C'rall.

It was some female no more than 40.She was a british woman who carried a look that could only mean unfortunate was afoot.

“Commander Marcus I am Admiral Rachel. I am afraid I have bad news.” Rachel began to explain. “Harrison and C’rall were found dead last night. Starfleet intelligence has revealed to us that was the doing of the Klingons. Anyway Marcus you are being permanently instated as captain of the ship. I advise choosing your Xo first. You never know what'll happen out there.”

“Thank you for informing me Admiral. Any further orders?” Marcus asked. “Nope Starfleet is giving you some time to choose your XO. As well as deal with the grief that may come with this.”

Marcus knew exactly who she wanted, unfortunately he was hard to get ahold of. She was in luck though because one of her crew members knew how to find him.

The first step however would be to send him a transmission asking it of him.

{Three Days later}

The transmission had been sent. The future XO had accepted. Only problem. She had no location.

Marcus suddenly grabbed her communicator. In a successful effort to bring Ensign Mann to her office.

“Ensign Mann I need you to tell me where to find William Jefferies.”

Hearing the call Mann responded,

“Captain, I have no idea. We are friends but we have not spoken in a while. However, the last I heard he was on Starbase 12 awaiting assignment. So, maybe we should check with them to see if he is still awaiting official orders there” said Mann.

"Do me a favor and go grab T'Ponga from engineering. We're going to head to starbase 12." Emalyn exclaimed.

“Aye, Captain, I will go right now” responded Mann.


T'Ponga was repairing a magnetic constrictor in the core when she heard a loud pop. "What in the name of Vulcan was that?" she hollered. Setting down the spanner, she walked to where she assumed the noise came from. Looking around she saw what it was. Someone left the panel open on a console and the optical wire had touched an exposed metal brace and popped. Now this console had to be re-repaired again. "Is there anything else that can happen to this vessel today?", she asked the Montana's bulkhead. It would have been funny had the bulkhead spoke in english, but the hum of the core gave her the answer. Smiling, she walked back to the core and finished her work on the magnetic constrictor.

About this time Lt. Stuart Mann walked into Engineering. Stopping the nearest person he could find, Mann asked:

“Excuse me, I have been sent by the Captain to find the Chief Engineer, T’Ponga” said Mann.

Ensign Shalon, startled, looked at the Ensign and pointed to where T'Ponga was standing.

“Chief the Captain wants to see us on the bridge. I think it is best we get up there fast!” explained Ensign Mann.

"Fastest way is by foot, hold on to your backside son. 'Bridge express'", she said suddenly and the turbolift flew up to the bridge, leaving the poor Ensign standing there with his mouth open. "Well Ensign Mann, fast enough?" she said smiling. Looking at the captain, "Reporting as ordered" she said smiling as they walked into her ready room.

"Ah yes T'Ponga I'm here to offer you a position. And you Mann I will offer a temporary position. As you may have heard Harrison is dead. Meaning I've taken over as captain." Marcus began. "T'Ponga would you be my second officer?. Also Mann until we get Jeffries I want you as temporary first officer." she began, this will be done by promoting you to Lieutenant"

T'Ponga's face lost all expression at the question, not quite knowing what to say, "Captain?.....I don't know what to say…...well of course I will and thankyou," she stuttered.

Mann looked at the Captain and responded, “Sir, you want me as temporary First Officer? I am honored but I have very little experience. I am sure there are more qualified people on the ship.”

"That may be true but given your involvement with Jeffries I think you'll do fine. Plus the fact that you smacked a Klingon. That's brave lieutenant, " Marcus stated.

"Don't worry it's not gonna be difficult. Starbase 12 is 2 days at max warp from here. I only need you in case something happens. Fortunately I don't see anything that could happen. So just relax, that's an order" Marcus replied.

“Aye Sir” came the reply.

Oh boy this captain thing was proving to be difficult. She knew Mann previously but that wasn't the issue. She was more scared. It didn't matter though because she had a role to fill. That's all there was to it.

Suddenly Marcus got up from her chair and made her way to the bridge.

"Helmsman change of course. Let’s head to Starbase 12 Max warp." Marcus barked."Comms send a message to Starbade 12. Tell them were on our way."

Marcus felt a rush of pride and she sat in the captains seat for the first time. "I'm here mom" she told herself.

"Helmsman Take us out of orbit" Marcus concluded.


Lt. Stuart Mann

Capt. Emmalyn Marcus
Commanding officer

Lt. Cmdr. T'Ponga Shemara


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