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Breaking the Fourth Wall

Posted on Mon May 3rd, 2021 @ 5:02am by Lieutenant JG Travis Ryson

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Location: USS Montana
Timeline: Current


[Bridge, USS Montana]

Travis was on the bridge for his shift. Currently the Montana was finally underway after the past few days, which were rather hectic. The ship already had seen an incident involving in the ship's evacuation. But the ship was finally underway. He stood at the science station completing his normal duties. After a few hours his shift was over and he left the bridge. He figured he'd grab a coffee on the way to his office.

[Mess Hall, USS Montana]

He walked into the mess hall of the Montana and strolled over to an open replicator. He made the decision to get a bite to eat as well. He tapped on the display for a moment until he made his decision on what to eat. A moment later, a cup of coffee with fish and chips appeared on a plate. He took his food and found a spot near the back of the mess hall. He was scrolling through an updated manifest of his department when the was a commotion at the bar of two customers and the bartender disagreeing on something.

"No, that was my drink!" one of them argued.

"No, it was mine!" retorted the other patron. "I paid for it"

"We don't even use currency!" exclaimed the first patron.

"Gentlemen, Gentlemen, lets all just calm down. I'm sure I can just replicate-" said the bartender trying to defuse the situation.

"NO!" yelled the second man. Then, he picked up the drink, which was a steaming hot coffee, and threw it at the other man, and the bartender, soaking both of them, which caused all three men to cause a bar fight.

Travis stopped eating, and he stopped looking at the manifest, and turned his attention towards the bar fight. Everyone else in the mess hall watched the bar fight in horror.

Eventually, security walked in and diffused the situation. Travis looked towards the camera and said without skipping a beat,"Now that's a Star Trek!". Then it all went black.

[Ryson's Quarters, USS Montana]

Travis Ryson awoke in his quarters. "I thought I was supposed to be in the mess hall..." he said to himself confusingly. After a moment of thought, he realised that it was all a dream.

"Now that's a Star Trek..." he said to himself drowsily, right before he fell asleep.


Lieutenant JG Travis Ryson
Chief Science Officer
USS Montana NCC-1889


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