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Check everything

Posted on Thu Feb 25th, 2021 @ 5:05am by Captain RS Harrison & Captain Emmalyn Marcus & Lieutenant Victoria Mason & Lieutenant S'Relle
Edited on on Thu Feb 25th, 2021 @ 5:09am

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Location: USS Montana Space Dock
Timeline: Current

Ensign Newsom wondered if he should get up and leave now. He suddenly wondered how many minutes he had to re-pack his quarters.

Actually, he had no living items in his quarters, so he didn’t need to pack anything. He could beam down right now.

“Do you have anything to secure from your quarters, Ensign?” Commander Marcus asked.

“No ma’am.” Newsom replied.

“Then let’s evacuate the Bridge,” Marcus said as she motioned to the turbolift but then stopped Newsom as he crossed over.

“Are you familiar with automation protocols for leaving no one on the bridge?”

Newsom grinned. For whatever reason that entire training just leapt into his mind. He was confident that he recalled every detail.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Then set it up.” Commander Marcus indicated the Communication station and walked over to watch Newsom implement the procedures. She input her confirmation as he completed the work.

“Great job, Ensign.” Marcus indicated the Turbolift again and they exited the Bridge together. Emmalyn took a deep breath and smiled as the doors closed. It was a melancholy feeling to abandon the ship so soon after lording over her new domain as Acting Captain. On the bright side, she’d be back and maybe it would be a second chance at more fun. This whole thing seemed to be more fun and exciting than she had anticipated. She was wondering if her Starfleet bearing had been cracking, but on the other hand, the ship was mostly empty and things were a bit loose. She sort of felt as if she were trespassing on the property of the Utopia Planitia Shipyards. Well no. Not really. Not anymore now that she thought about it. “Acting Captain Commander Emmalyn Marcus.” The thought rang in her head.

The Turbolift opened and the corridor ahead stretched off toward Transporter Room Three.

“See you ashore, ma’am?”

Emmalyn awoke from her thoughts. “Yes, Ensign. Good work. See you planetside.”

The turbolift closed as Newsom made for the Transporter Room.

A Baryon sweep was a procedure used to eliminate Baryon particles from a starship. The Baryons accumulated as a natural side-effect of warp travel and generally needed to be removed every five years to keep harmful radiation from building up.

This was a perfect opportunity with the existing crews about to beam down to Mars and await the “All Clear.”

This would be easier than having Security Officers check every department by hand as Baryon went through solid steel and a living being would not survive. Mason would have the crew check every compartment for items that could be deemed dangerous to the crew like IED's and that sort of stuff!

With the XO’s announcement, Mason took her cue to provide additional instructions.

“This is Lieutenant Mason, Chief Security Officer with further instructions. We are conducting an Alpha Level Security Evacuation. Everyone will need to be checked before leaving the ship. Report to the Security Officer at your Transporter Room per the instructions you are receiving now. If you have any organisms that you love and want to preserve, bring them with you; otherwise, they will be destroyed in the cleanse. Do not attempt to bypass Security and leave the ship. Inorganic matter can be safely left aboard Instructions for re-boarding will be provided on the surface. Evacuation should begin immediately. Contact Security directly with any questions. That is all.”

Mason then messaged Ensign S’Relle to coordinate security scans of all disembarking personnel under Alpha Level Security Evacuation Protocols. They had to catch this Chameloid if it attempted to leave the ship. Scanning while suspended in the Transporter Beam might help and this could get complicated. But if the intruder were aboard, it could not be let off the ship. And once the ship was evacuated it could be sterilized easily. Luckily, there weren’t many people on board. Unfortunately it would still take nearly twenty-seven hours to scan everyone leaving the ship.

Mason looked up to the beeping notification that someone was approaching the Security Office. It was Commander Marcus, her expected guest. Mason was standing to greet Marcus as she walked in.

“Commander,” Mason greeting Marcus as she entered Security.


“Ensign S’Relle and I have everything in place. Security teams are at every Transporter Room and the Shuttle Bay is secured. Everyone will beam down.”


“Twenty-seven hours,” Mason replied.

“Alright. Newsom and I set the protocols for evacuation before we left the Bridge. I’ll stay with you until we are the last to evacuate.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Mason replied.

S’Relle purred softly. Marcus looked at her and smiled.

They agreed that Lieutenant Mason had a solid plan in place and reviewed the details together with Ensign S’Relle/ They would be the last three to leave the ship as Assistant Chief of Security S'Relle would be in charge of the detail. It would be very thorough and S’Relle realized that not only was she being given a tremendous opportunity to impress her Chief and XO, but the Caitian Admiral might also be watching the whole thing. It made her very nervous, but this is what she signed up for. With the Supervision of Lieutenant Mason and the XO however, nothing would go wrong. Still, S’Relle didn’t want to give them any work and began focusing on the Alpha Level Protocols and who was on board to assist. The first priority would be to scan the XO and Lieutenant to make sure they were not the Chameloid.

Then Lieutenant Mason would need to scan her before she began!

“I’m buying S’Relle a drink. Or dinner. When this is over. Who’d have thought we’d have to sweep a brand-new ship? With any luck, this means that this assignment can only get easier,” Mason thought to herself as they got busy executing the protocols.

Commander Marcus took a seat off to the side and smiled as she watched her officers finish up their final tasks. She smiled with pride. And it occurred to her that they were all females. Her smile broadened. Despite the emergency nature of their situation, this was a happy and exciting time. “Check everything” she thought to herself. “Make sure we’re 100 percent.” The thoughts ran through her head. Confidence was high. She foresaw passing her first test of command.


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