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Days running into weeks

Posted on Tue Dec 5th, 2023 @ 4:53am by Lieutenant Kestra Ral

Mission: Home Sweet home.
Location: USS Montana
Timeline: Present


[Personal quarters]

It was hard to believe that almost 6 weeks had passed since she came on board the USS Montana.

Her staff was all hard working and impressed her often. Wallace Wilson and her had become good friends in that time, and they worked well together.

Wallace made the days pass easier. Still, it was the nighttime she was having trouble with.

Uneasy dreams that had continued to get stronger as they grew closer to the Romulan Boarder, they had started about a week ago.

Savage was starting to become friendly. Right now, the fur ball was curled up at the foot of her bed.

Kestra stretched in bed before rolling over to get up. She had gotten into a good routine early mornings in the gym, then breakfast with Wallace because he found out early that she slipped meals a lot if he wasn't eating with her.

Walking to her replicator, she ordered Jestral Tea sweet. She was drinking it almost all the time now to help her deal with the crewmembers' emotions.

The Captain seems to be really stressed out and drinking a lot. She wondered if there was a way to help him. If he were more open to talking to the crew, she would just ask, but the man wasn't very talkative.

Getting dressed, she headed to the gym. Stretching, running, and the pool had become the trifecta of her early morning.

[Mess Hall ]

Wallace Wilson, sit down and smiled "How was your night? Are you getting any better?"

Kestra sipped her tea. "Honesty no. I swear I hear someone trying to talk to me, and I could have sworn someone touched my leg."
Wilson smirked. "It was more than like the cat that touched you."

Kestra shook her head no. "She was in my arms, no place near my leg."

Wilson started to laugh but noticed she was upset about it. "It's stress. I can feel the crew, and if I can, it's got to be really hard on you." He watched her for a moment. "How are you doing in learning Romulan?"

She smiled. "Oh, I got it. shaoi dan Ssuaj Rihan.

He grinned at her "Ok what did you say?"

"Greetings, I understand Romulan." Kestra laughed. "It's actually very important to know who you are talking to. Because it seems some words are for an inferior to superior and a whole set of new words from the superior to the inferior. Then you use ke'rhin is a fellow Rihanha. While Rihan is  Romulan as an adjective, but Rihanha is for a Romulan person and Rihannsu for a group of Romulan people. Then they use Rihanh as the Romulan nation, race, and people as a whole. It's a crazy language. "

Wilson laughs. "Ok, I'll not ask you to teach me that all seems way too complicated."

Lt Kestra Ral
USS Montana


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