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Science lab meeting

Posted on Wed Dec 6th, 2023 @ 6:41pm by Lieutenant Kestra Ral

Mission: Home Sweet home.
Location: USS Montana, Science lab
Timeline: Present

[Science lab]

Kestra sat cross-legged on a countertop. She looked at her staff with some concern on her face. Wilson stood next to her. "I am sure it's stress related. This meeting will prove it."

They all looked stressed and tried. "Ok, let's start with Astrometrics."

A young ensign smiled. "Well, you did warn us that there wasn't going to be any great discovery on this mission. Stellar cartography was just able to verify past scans of this area, Kestra. It's been rather mundane. There is nothing new to report."

Kestra nodded. "Ok astrophysics? Is there anything new?" The same ensign shook her head no. So Kestra nodded but smiled. "How about the hydroponics?

That seemed to bring some happiness back to the room. "The plants are doing amazingly well, and I can guarantee our food out put will be the best we ever had!"

Kestra nodded. "That is wonderful news, Lieutenant. Ok, how is medical?"

Another crewman smiled. "Reports seem to be more in the stress related problems and everything that normally comes with that. We could find nothing to indicate that the issue was related to this area of space. More to the fact that we are in this area of space. From the ship's records, Kestra, you are the only telepath on the ship. We do have a half Vulcan as Helmsman. I have to concur with Wilson. This has to be stress related. "

Kestra signed, "Perhaps... but I reserve the right to continue with more research. It doesn't feel stress related to me." she smiled. "What has anyone found out about the Romulans?"

"From what little records we have, they seem to be an offshoot of the Vulcans but evolved slightly different without the Vulcans' well-known logic. They are obviously more violent and unpredictable. I know what you are thinking, Kestra. there is no indication that they are telepathic, and even if they are, it would be more like the Vulcans, and they need to touch to make contact. Does it feel like a Vulcan to you?"

Kes shook her head no. "Any reports from communications."

A woman shook her head no, "Would you be able to read a communication from the Romulans?"

Wilson chuckled. " That would be yes Ensign. Please don't get her started on the Romulan language." Kestra smacked his arm, making the staff laugh."That was so not nice, Wilson."

"Kestra, you once said that you spent your teenage years on Vulcans with your family being an ambassador. Did you pick up the Vulcan neural pressure therapy?" Esther brought up.

"Yes, it is particularly affective. Vulcans consider it very.....intimate, so finding someone to teach it to me was difficult." Kestra admitted."I learned it from a Vulcan when I was assigned to a starbase. But it's almost impossible to perform it on myself."

Kes gave a pout "Alright if there is nothing else. Let's get back to work, people."

Wilson leaned in to wisper in her ear. "How intimate? and just who was this Vulcan?" he chuckled.

Kestra smirked "Intimate by Vulcan standards. By Betazed standards very tame. By human standards, well, I guess that would depend on the human. It's like a tame massage working on only certain areas of the body. Of course, you're not fully dressed, so that's kinda intimate."

Wilson nodded. "And how did you get a Vulcan to teach it to you."

Kestra smiled. "It might have been during his pon farr. " she wispered back. "Don't ask. I promised not to discuss it."

Now it was Wilson's turn to pout, making Kes laugh. He smiled. "It doesn't sound too intimate. Can you teach it to me? Perhaps it would help us both to sleep better at night."

Kes nodded. "Sure, we can start tonight. Met me in my quarters an hour before bedtime." She smiled, watching him walk away.

She needed to get working on the Arboretum.


Lt Kestra Ral
USS Montana


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