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Coming Aboard

Posted on Mon Oct 30th, 2023 @ 8:56pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Valentia Ferrón
Edited on on Mon Oct 30th, 2023 @ 11:34pm

Mission: Home Sweet home.
Location: USS Montana
Timeline: Current

[USS Montana Main Transporter Complex, Deck 7]

Petty Officer 3rd Class Valentina Ferrón stepped off of the transporter pad on the USS Norris. She had changed out of her accustomed engineering coveralls into the duty uniform of a Command Yeoman, choosing to wear the optional skirt in lieu of the standard pants. It showed off her dancing toned legs to best effect. Adjusting the shoulder strap of the transport duffel containing her personal belongings, she approached the transporter console and said, “Yeoman Ferrón, reporting for duty.”

The transporter technician gave her an appreciative once over. Valentina was used to being an object of desire by most men and as the tech didn’t leer noticeably, she gave his attentions little consideration. The tech consulted his monitor and told Valentina where she would be berthed. “Do you know where that is?” the tech asked.

She did, having studied the ship’s schematics intensely after receiving her orders, but she decided to conceal that knowledge. “No,” she replied rather vacuously.

The tech smiled indulgently and pointed to the door, “Exit there, turn left and left again at the intersection. The turbo lift will be on the right about one-eighth around the ring. Take the turbo lift to Deck 6, D-Ring, Block 2-2. There will be signs directing you to your quarters.”

“Thank you,” Valentina smiled gratefully, all the while mentally berating the man for being so easily manipulated.

The USS Montana was the next step in a long journey to escape her family in Madrid. The only daughter and youngest child, she had been protected and molded from birth by her female relatives. They emphasized her beauty and grace but never let her be herself, never let her openly pursue the things that interested her. Since turning eighteen she had been fleeing their cloying presence, first at the University of Barcelona, then Star Fleet and Earth Space Dock. Each time, they had been able to find her and try to pressure her to return to the family’s sphere.

Aboard a starship, she hoped that deep space exploration would be far enough to escape her family and when the yeoman’s position on USS Montana was posted, she jumped at the chance. Many of her contemporaries scoffed at the idea of being the personal assistant to another officer but Valentina knew that it would place her in at the right hand of the ship’s command staff and in a position to observe and know much more than any other enlisted rate. She might even be able to use the connection to further her career.

She arrived at her quarters, 6D21, without trouble and entered.

She was met by another female, standing a full three inches taller than herself, wearing the uniform of an operations petty officer. She was pretty, with shoulder length platinum blonde hair and blue eyes, but paled in comparison to Valentina’s beauty. The woman’s eyebrows shot up at Valentina’s appearance then her eyes narrowed subtly. “Hello,” she proffered her hand with a smile on her lips but none in her eyes, “you must be crewman Ferrón. I am Petty Officer 2nd Class Christine Tarne.”

Valentina gave the women her most disarming smile, “I am very pleased to meet you.”

“I am due back in Operations,” Christine continued, “but wanted to welcome you. You can have that bunk,” she pointed to the one closest to the door, “We share the head with crewmen D’Ean and Samuels in the next quarters.”

“Thank you,” Valentina responded with feigned sincerity.

There was a pause as the two women sized each other up, then Christine nodded and departed.

Valentina unpacked and stowed her few personal belongings, mainly her ballet shoes, tights and leotards. Then pulled up an engineering text on her tablet and waited for a summons by the Captain.


Petty Officer 3rd Class Valentina Ferrón
USS Montana


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