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Joining the ship

Posted on Tue Oct 31st, 2023 @ 4:39pm by Lieutenant Kestra Ral
Edited on on Thu Nov 2nd, 2023 @ 12:32am

Mission: Home Sweet home.
Location: Spacedock/Montana
Timeline: Present


Standing at the base commanders door, Kes hesitated. "Did she really want the answer to her question? Yes, it would drive her crazy if she didn't ask. With that decision made, she keyed entry.

Hearing the deep rumbling voice say "enter"

Kestra walked with in with far more confidence than she was feeling.
He looked up from his PADD and smiled at her. That smile had always made her heart race a little. "Sir, a moment of your time?"

Nodding his head. "Of course, what can I do for you lieutenant?" He waved to a seat in front of his desk. She hesitated for a moment before sitting. "Sir, I was wondering about my transfer orders."

He nodded with a chuckle "Ah Yes well you set the Science department up flawlessly. You're too good of an officer to be held back. From your reviews, I thought this would be the perfect fit for you."

Kestra relaxed slightly, so it wasn't them trying to get rid of her. "Thank you, Sir. I just." She gave I little shrug of her shoulder.

The Commander nodded. "It was good having you here, but you are needed more on the USS Montana."

Standing up, he held out his hand to shake. Standing, Kestra hesitated in taking the man's hand. They had talked about this before. There was no way for her not to know what he was thinking if they touched. Raiseing an eyebrow at him in curiosity as to his actions, he just smirked back at her, giving her a little dare.

Placing her much smaller hand in his.
Kestra hadn't been prepared for the overwhelming feelings he was sending out.
"Oh my!" She wispered as he smiled.

"Thank you, Sir." Kes said before breaking the contract and leaving. It was a good thing she hadn't known he feeling before. She blushed.

[USS Montana]

Beaming over she smiled at the Transporter Chief, "Permission to come aboard Sir." She handed him her orders signed by both the commander of the base and the XO of the USS Montana."
"Granted Lt. Kestra Ral Cheif Science officer of the USS Montana. " He gave her grin."Your belongings have been sent to your quarters, and the Science lab has received the supplies you ordered a few hours ago."

"Thank you Sir. " She had looked up where the Science department was. So getting there wasn't as hard as she thought it would be. As she entered a Lieutenant was going over the supplies. He looked up and smiled at her holding out his hand " I am Lieutenant Wallace Wilson"

She moved closer and smiled "Lieutenant Kestra Ral and it's a pleasure to meet you Wilson."
"I read your file I know you're Betazoid" he told her still smiling. Kes took his hand feeling warmth and happiness that she was here because he hadn't wanted the Chief position. She got the normal wave that he thought her very attractive but nothing more to make her feel uncomfortable. "Thank you. Have all the supplies came?" She asked taking her hand back.

"Looks to be right. I put your plant on your desk along with your pet" Wilson told her.

"My pet?" Kes asked confused she didn't have one. So she moved to her desk and frowned "Well now I wonder who decided to send you with me? " Kes looked at the green and blue little fur ball. Sure enough he came with a supply of mice.
Wilson smiled at the creature "I take it you hadn't planned on him or it being sent here.?"

laughing Kes shook her head, no. "Guess we are stuck with him. He isn't as cute while he is tearing up a mouse. " Kes told him.
"Ah I'll put him in a bigger more secure house then. " Wilson told her.
Lieutenant Kestra Ral
USS Montana


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