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A Time For Change

Posted on Sat Oct 14th, 2023 @ 6:49pm by Commander Michael Murphy & Captain Jackson Adams & Lieutenant Winnifred "Freddie" Zhang & Lieutenant Steve Ryan & Lieutenant Commander Katja Becker

Mission: Home Sweet home.
Location: Sol Spacedock

[Briefing Room Charlie]

The Montana was safely docked at Earth. They had hardly put the ship in park before all senior officers were called to a briefing at the spacedock.

Commander Murphy was first from the ship to the spacedock's briefing room Charlie, as he was accustomed. It did surprise him that there was no Admiralty present for the briefing. Still, he used the replicator to get a cup of tea with cream and sugar. He stood with the tea and waited for more people to arrive.

Captain Adams arrived at the briefing room wearing his duty uniform but with the upper strap down. They had been in space to long and protocols were a little to relaxed.

Holding his usual diet Pepsi he said, "I am here."

Steve entered the almost empty room with his uniform in order. He checked on the present before approaching Commander Murphy at the replicator.

"Sounds like our initial holiday plans are not going to happen, huh?" He told him with an asymmetric smile while waiting his turn at the replicator for a cup of tea.

"Maybe not," Murphy answered, moving aside so he wasn't blocking the replicator. "But hopefully they're just delayed. What were your plans?"

“I don’t think the admiralty would call us in a briefing room to tell us hey, enjoy your leave while we take care of your ship “ he ironically commented with a grin while getting his cup of tea “Oh” answering Murphy “Someone suggested a period at the seaside” he told him unconvinced “You got plans, sir?” asked.

"I think you are right, Commander. There is more to this than meets the eye" replied the Captain.

Murphy was caught off guard by the sarcasm, which caught him mid-sip of tea. His laughter caused him to spit out the tea. He took a moment to recover before responding.

"I'd like to at least visit my parents," he said.

Steve smiled noticing the reaction of Murphy. He took a napkin and offered it to the commander "Here, pay attention not to spill it on the uniform. It's a nightmare to wash it out. It often leaves a halo of some sort".

Murphy accepted the napkin with a nod of appreciation.

He nods "Sounds nice, I hope you'll have time to head to your parents. Where do they live?" he asked while finding a comfortable seat.

"Near the great lakes," Murphy replied, taking a seat next to Ryan. "I suppose it will depend on what comes up in this meeting," he said with a chuckle.

[Montana Docking Port]

Once the mooring clamps were in place and the airlock opened, numerous enlisted poured out of the Montana to start readying the flow of personnel that would come streaming out. Motioning the Doctor to follow, the pair had barely made it to the airlock before a chime came over their commbadges with an announcement in the familiar voice of a Starfleet Ship's computer.

"All Montana Senior Officers to report to Spacedock Briefing Room Charlie."

Turning to glance at Katja and offer her a heavy sigh and a shrug, Freddie stated the obvious, "Seems we don't even get time to drop our stuff off," with the dryness of feigned disappointment.

Spotting one of the Montana's junior enlisted and calling him over, the young man was surprised by the officer's beckoning but quickly came to attention in front of the two women as he took note of their rank. "Hey, Crewman. I'm the new Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Zhang," she said hooking a thumb to her chest, "and this is the new Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Becker," the woman indicated with a slight turn towards Katja.

Not knowing what to do standing beside the ChEng who was showing herself to be a force of nature, Katja gave a little wave. "Hallo."

Offering up her duffel and the items she was carrying, "Take our stuff and carefully leave them in our respective offices. We've been called back into Spacedock for an immediate briefing. If anyone gives you any problems, just tell them you were sent on a special mission by two of the most important officers on the entire ship. Got it?" she asked with a slight smirk. The crewman paused in slight surprise before nodding and taking on the effects Freddie had presented him.

Turning to Katja and waiting to see if she would follow her lead, the engineer motioned with her eyes back towards Spacedock's interior, "Walk with me since we're already getting yanked around by Command?"

"With a request as nicely worded as that, Lieutenant, who am I to say no?" Katja quipped as she followed the engineering officer who obviously had done her homework regarding the deck layout. Katja would have never gotten to the briefing room with such efficiency if she wasn't with Freddie, that's for sure.

[Briefing Room Charlie]

…The doors to the briefing room wooshed open as the shorter engineer and the taller doctor were forced to pause before stepping in. Freddie had taken the lead and stepped up to the end of the briefing room table. It was clear she was trying to suppress her normally bright smile as she shifted to a formal stance and announced, "Lieutenant Freddie Zhang reporting for duty, sirs."

"At ease," Murphy replied, taking in the new officers. "Our new heads of Engineering and Medical, I take it?"

"Guilty as charged. Lieutenant Katja Becker." Katja replied. "Glad to be aboard."

"Guilty, you cannot be guilty of anything yet, Doctor. I am sure that time will come, though" replied Captain Adams who walked in just after the new officers.

Smiling brightly at the man, Freddie's posture relaxed as she answered, "Yes, sir. Lookin' forward to gettin' aboard and seeing what your baby has hidden beneath the hood."

After a long sip from his mug in which he studied the new officers, Steve nodded a salute to the two newcomers “Welcome” he acknowledged them with a smile.

Katja leaned into Freddie and asked softly while they waited for everyone to arrive to the briefing room, "Kaffee, Tee...Bier?"

Scrunching her brow and glancing up at the woman, a soft, "Huh?" escaped a momentarily confused Freddie before she caught up with what had been asked of her, "'Kaffee'" she replied, poorly mimicking Katja's unique pronunciation in jest.

Hopping up, Katja took Freddie's reply with a grain of salt and obtained two mugs of steaming coffee and placed it the additional one in front of the engineering officer.

"Hope you take it black." Because Katja failed to ask Freddie how she took her Kaffee. She took a seat, sipping on strong, bitter brew, and mmmm'd in satisfaction. It was a good cup of Kaffee! Just the drink needed before the show began.

"Thanks," Freddie beamed before giving the streaming surface a small blow before taking a sip. Despite what others may claim, she always thought station replicator coffee tasted better.

Letting out a long hum in appreciation of the unique bitter, Freddie nudged the Doctor with her elbow and whispered, "It's good. I want it to get pulled over for no reason," before hiding her snicker and turning her attention to the commanders who she assumed had called the meeting.

Katja's eyes widened at Freddie's statement and she sputtered and choked a little as the hot, bitter brew went in directions it was not intended to. A choked sound escaped her mouth, but Katja managed to not completely lose it right before the senior staff meeting was to begin.

"Gott in Himmel, Freddie - you must warn me when you say such, yes?!" She whispered back in reply.

At this time, Admiral Black's aide walked in.

"I am sorry, the admiral won't be available to meet with you. He authorized me to fill you in on what's going on. Tensions with the Romulans have reached a point they haven't been at since the Earth-Romulan war. As you can tell, we've mobilized every available ship. For now, you're to return to your ship, make sure all operations are functioning at optimal capacity, and expect orders within 24 hours. Thank you for your time."

The aide walked out as abruptly as she had walked in.


Captain Jackson Adams
Commanding Officer
USS Montana

Commander Michael Murphy
Executive Officer

Lieutenant Steve Ryan
Chief Communications Officer

Lieutenant Katja Becker
Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Winnifred "Freddie" Zhang
Chief Engineering Officer


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