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Posted on Wed Jan 17th, 2024 @ 5:55pm by Lieutenant Steve Ryan

Mission: Home Sweet home.
Location: Lt. Ryan's Quarters

"Steve, are you there?"

Deb's voice came through the door of Lt. Ryan's personal quarters. Steve was busy going over the recent reports coming from his section and heard her voice lound and clear. He didn't answer her tho.

"I'm gonna stay here till you get out of the room if you don't let me in" she moaned.

He breathed deeply and unlocked the door, letting her in.

"Come in" he finally allowed.

"Oh, about time. It's been almost half an hour I was out there yelling at a door that was not opening....and I didn't even use my sonic screwdriver to tear it open myself" she smiled locking her eyes on him "Sooo, how's your nose?".

Steve let go a shy smile "I can smell, I can blow it, it doesn't hurt and it's pretty much aligned" he reported "but I don't want it broken again"

She lowered her head in sorrow and moved a couple of steps closer "I'm sorry, for real. I didn't mean to, but i really hoped for a well deserved vacation for you and I together. I understand we're here for soemthing big though"

Steve laughed "Well, apparently closing in to the border made you realize it was not me not willing to go on holidays with you"
"Err, yeah, I mean, did I already say I'm sorry?"

Steve nodded with a ressuring smile

"So, why are we here by the way? Doesn't seem like a situation we faced before"

The black haired Lt shrugged. "We never do, it's always different somehow. But I really don't know what's happening and people are quite scared of this uncertainty" he rose from his desk.

"I gotta go to the bridge. Am due there in a few minutes, maybe I can get a better understanding of what's going on. Mind escortin me, ensign?" he told her winking.

"Indeed". Her usual smile returned on her face tailing Steve towards the bridge.


Lt. Steve Ryan
Chief Operations and Communications Officer

Ens. Debroah O'Donnel


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