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What's going on?

Posted on Thu Aug 4th, 2022 @ 8:38pm by Lieutenant Steve Ryan

Lt. Ryan shows up in the recording. A tired face and still in his uniform while walking up and down his quarters.

"That is strange" he started "I've never experienced anything like that before. We just arrived in Earth orbit and a Klingon warship fired on us with no warning at all." he shook his head "that's incredible." he started scratching his head and resumed his nervous walking up and down the room.

"It took us quite some time to patch up the damage they made us. I never thought Klingon weapons could do such an extended damage to our hull. We had a briefing with the senior officers and there might be the possibility we are in the wrong place...or better...the wrong time or even a completely wrong universe in the same time or place."

he breathed out temporarily closing his eyes

"It might be must be it. But then, if we are in a place in which Klingons took over Earth, then we might consider the fact that we might be the only humans left in the quadrant?"
He took a pause in the speaking and let those words sink in.
"Technology might be quite different from what we are used too. And that puts us into an ever higher risk. Klingons might have better sensors than we do...better shielding...better weapons of course..."

He finally stopped walking and sank into the nearby chair.

"I'll ask the commander to be part of the away team, I want to see what's going on with my own eyes...besides...we'll need to work on the shuttle's systems to try and hide us from the Klingons while attempting to land on Earth and my experience might be helpful".

He finshed his recording and saved the log, encrypting it.


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